417 South Fourth Street, Ironton

     The Culbertson House was designed and built by Cambridge Culbertson in the 1850’s. Located at 417 South 4th Street, the corner of Adams and 5th Street (Ironton, Ohio), the Culbertson House was one of the two original houses between Washington and Adams Streets on 4th Street. The house is also known as the James Walton House. At one time, the house’s garden extended all the way to 5th Street.
     According to the records I found, the house is an example of either Georgian or Greek Revival architecture.
     The house has a stone foundation and double hung windows in plain lug sills.
     Cambridge Culbertson owned and operated a lumberyard in 1882 in Ironton. He died on May 6, 1894 at the age of 78 of apoplexy. He was buried in Section 7 of Woodland.