504 South Fifth Street, Ironton

     The James Bird House is a two story English style house has been known by a few names, the Walton House, Bixby House, Wright House, Copper House and “Bide a Wee.” Originally constructed in the early 1900’s, James Bird, Sr. was the architect. The house’s walls are made of hand cut Indiana cut stone placed in a random pattern. The gable roof has exposed rafters below it. Three chimneys made of Indiana cut stone are an architectural feature of this Queen Anne style house. A carriage house located in back of the house is made from the same stone as the walls and chimneys.
     In 1918, Nanny Kelley Wright purchased the house from the Bixby family. She was the one who named the house “Bide a Wee” which is “Stay Awhile” in Irish.
     Today, the house is located at 504 South 5th Street at the corner of Adams and 5th Streets.
     James Bird, Sr., the house’s original owner, was born in England. He came to Ironton during the time of the Iron Industry boom. He was friends with John Campbell.