519 South Sixth Street, Ironton

Painting of Hattie Kingsbury Burr House     The house known as the Hattie Kingsbury Burr home was located at the corner of Sixth and Jefferson Street (519 South Sixth Street). The house was built in 1881 by W. S. Kirker. Mr. Kirker was a teller at Second National Bank and a member of the drug firm Kirker, Norton and Otten on the corner of Third and Center Street. The house was a popular place in the social circles of Ironton and hosted many social gatherings in the 1890’s. In 1900, Halsey C. Burr bought the home for his wife Hattie Kingsbury Burr. Mrs. Burr bequeathed the home for the Briggs Public Library. The building was used until 1960 when the library found a new home on the corner of Fourth and Washington. The Burr home was eventually torn down and the Hayes-Philips Funeral Home used the empty lot for a parking lot.