605 Lawrence Street, Ironton

    Located at 605 Lawrence Street (Ironton, Ohio), the Lantem-Horn House was built in 1857. Mr. Lantem was the house’s architect, engineer, builder and original owner. Mr. Lantem’s wife was one of Ironton’s first school teachers.
     The house is of Federal or Greek Revival architecture. The two sources one the house list different architectural styles.
     Regardless of the style, the house is a lovely old Ironton house. Three bay openings can be found in the fronts of the house, while two bays are located on the sides. Separate columns support a portico porch which spans the entire front of the house. The one story house has a brick foundation and a tin, gable roof. In 1924, a garage was added to store Henry Horn’s car.
     An interesting note on the house is the bricks used to build the house were man made on Lawrence Street.