Alstott, Dr. Anne Marting

     Born on August 25, 1902, Anne was eldest of three daughters. Her parents, Dr. William F. and Erma Chloe Drayer Marting were both involved in the medical field. By the age of 14, Anne was joining the family business. She was responsible for baking 20 loaves of bread for the Marting Hospital two times per week. In 1921, Anne was the valedictorian of Ironton High School.
     Anne went to Cincinnati to further her education. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Cincinnati in 1924. In 1927, she graduated from the same school with a Ph.D. in medicine. Anne received the Stella Feiss Hoffheimer certificate for ranking first in her medical class. She was the first female applicant taking the Ohio State Medical Examination to receive the highest rank.
     After graduating, Anne interned at the Cincinnati General Hospital.
     In 1928, Dr. Anne, as she would be called, returned to Ironton to work with her parents at the Marting Hospital. She would also work at the Charles S. Gray Deaconess Hospital until it closed. In 1942, Dr. Anne was named the medical director of the Deaconess Hospital. Apparently, she held the position for one year.
      Dr. Anne Marting married Virgil Alstott in Junction City, Kentucky. The couple made their home in Ironton. Virgil was the president of Lawrence Federal. The couple had four children, Barbara Clare Alstott (Mills), Carolyn (Erma Caroline) Alstott (Morgan), Jacqueline (McClave) and David Frederick Alstott.
     Like her father, Anne received recognition for her successes. She was a member of the Lawrence County Medical Society, Ohio State Medical Association, American Medical Association, Academy of Family Practice, and Alpha Omega Alpha. In 1930, Dr. Anne became the president of the Ironton Business and Professional Women’s Club. From 1935 to 1936, she was president of the Ohio Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Club. In 1974, she received the Citizen of the Year award. She received the Ironmaster’s Award.
     Like her father, who was a veteran of two wars, Dr. Anne served her country during wartime. In World War II, Dr. Anne served in the Air Corps Hospital Unit.
     After her father’s death in 1966, Anne continued to use part of the Marting Apartments (see Marting Hospital) for her medical office. She used the building until 1974 when she sold the building. The former Marting Hospital was razed to provide space for the new Lawrence Federal Bank building. In 1974, she moved her office to 417 Jefferson Street.
     In March 1968, Dr. Alstott became the director of the newly opened Family Planning Clinic.
      Dr. Anne remained very active in her public life. She served on the Ironton City School Board for sixteen years. From April 1948 to December 1963, Dr. Anne was a member of the Ironton City Recreation Board.
     It was estimated Dr. Anne delivered over 1, 000 babies during her medical career. She was still practicing medicine up until her death in November 1978. She died at the home of Mrs. W. R. Barbara Mills of Orlando, Florida.