Bartram, Mark S.

     Mark S. Bartram was born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania on November 10, 1829. His father had immigrated to Lawrence County in 1846. Mark lived in Bartramville until 1858. Then, he and his father moved to Ironton. His father became the county recorder.
     Mark was in the steamboat business. He worked with Henry A. Jones.
     In 1859, Mark Bartram was elected the Clerk of Lawrence County. He held this job for six years.
     In 1870, he designed his own home. The house is located at 503 South 6th Street in Ironton, Ohio.
     In 1877, he was elected as the Auditor of Lawrence County. Mark remained as auditor for thirteen years.
     During his lifetime, Mark was the manager or financial officer of the Washington Furnace, Monitor Furnace, Lawrence Furnace and the Ironton Rolling Mills. He also was a member of the grocery firm J. T. McKnight & Company.
     On Saturday, January 15, 1898, Mark Bartram died of brain fever. He was 68 years old.