Davidson, William "Ranger" and Rosanna

     William “Ranger” Davidson was born on November 20, 1747 in Suffex County, Delaware. He was the son of Lewis and Comfort Warrington Davidson. His parents named him after his grandfather and great-grandfather.
     William served with the Pennsylvania Westmoreland County Militia, Continental Line during the Revolutionary War. The troop was given the nickname frontier rangers.  William was often called “Ranger” later in his life. Because the government could not afford to pay him in cash, William received a one square mile plot of land in southern Ohio.
     William married Rosanna Hutchinson. They had ten children. John, Lewis, Comfort, David, and Mary were some of the children’s name. Rosanna died in 1782.
     After his wife died, William married Barbara McDole. He and Barbara had many children, including Margaret, Elizabeth, Sarah, Abraham, Thomas, William Warrington (b. November 6, 1798 at Redstone, Pennsylvania), Jesse, Rose, Joseph William, and Cynthia.
     In 1798, William came to southern Ohio for the first time. He built a cabin on his land then returned to get his family.
     In 1799, William brought Barbara and his youngest children to Lawrence County. He became the founder of South Point, Ohio. The family’s home was located at the juncture of 2nd and Hooper Street in South Point, Ohio.
     William “Ranger” Davidson died on November 16, 1811.
     A monument in his honor is located on the First Baptist Church property at the corner of Old 52 and Solida Road.