Davis, J. T.

     J. T. Davis came to Ironton in the 1850’s. He was the owner a dry goods store. In the early days, the store was located at the corner of 2nd and Lawrence Streets.
     He married a woman named Mary. The couple has two sons, Edward and Walter. The family made their home at 723 South 4th Street in Ironton. Mary died in Ironton on October 1, 1864.
     During his time in Ironton, J. T. built the city hall building on the corner of Lawrence and 2nd Streets. He used the second floor of the building for his dry goods store.
     In 1885, J.T. sold his store to D.C. Davies. Upon selling the store, he went into the coal business in Knoxville, Tennessee.
     J. T. died in Knoxville, Tennessee on December 8, 1893.