Earl Family Photograph
Left to Right: Mary Boyd Earl, Jesse and Amanda Perdue Earl.

Photo donated by Mrs. Rickie Bennett Longfellow

  The picture is of Mary Boyd Earls, Jesse Earls (her son), and Amanda Perdue (Jesse’s wife). 
      Mary Boyd Earls lived to be 103 and was known as Ironton’s Oldest Resident when she died in 1906. She was the wife of Jesse Peter Earls. Jesse Peter Earls returned to their native Virginia to fight for the Confederacy at the age of 57. He was never seen again. He did participate in Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg at the age of 59.
     Mary’s son was also named Jesse. He joined the Union army during the Civil War. He later married Amanda Perdue, a member of the Meshack Perdue family of Franklin County, Virginia. She was the great-grandmother of Mrs. Rickie Bennett Longfellow, who donated the picture.