Gray, Dr. Clinton Godsey and Ida

     Clinton Godsey Gray was born the son of Dr. John R. and Elizabeth Gray. Dr. Clinton Godsey Gray, also known as C.G., was most famous for owning and operating Gray’s Sanitarium. He was married to Ida L. Feurt. The couple obtained their marriage license on December 8, 1865. The Ironton Register however does not list their wedding announcement until January 18, 1866. He and Ida had four children: Clinton, Pauline E.* (born: February 30, 1872), Dan Feurt (born: March 30, 1894); Bundy M. (born: June 12, 1878); and Juliet (born: September 25, 1884). Dan was born at Olive Furnace, according to his birth records. 
     Their son, Clinton, birth record was not found. However, we know he existed because of his tragic death. In May 1902, Clinton and a friend were playing in the stable loft when Clinton fell. On May 15, 1902, Clinton died from cerebral hemorrhaging.
     In 1883, Dr. C. G. Gray bought the former home of Robert Hamilton and turned it into a sanitarium. The house was not only his place of business, but it was also his home. His son, Dan, became a doctor as well. Dan was the one who closed the sanitarium because of the costs to run the establishment. The time for the change is unknown. 
     Dr. C. G. Gray died in Dayton, Ohio on January 6, 1917. He was returned to Ironton and his viewing was at Dan’s home. He was then buried in Woodland Cemetery.

* According to the birth records of Lawrence County, Dr. C. G. and Ida Gray had two daughters born in 1872 with the name Pauline. I am only including the second listing.