Ironton Engine Company

Ironton Engine Company    The Ironton Engine Company erected a building in 1903 on Sixth and Ashtabula Street. W. A. Murdock, Frank C. Tomlinson, H. A. Marting, A. H. Mittendorf, Thomas L. Collett, C.V. Pollock, W. P. Lewis, and A. R. Johnson were some of the men responsible for organizing the plant. For forty years, the plant was the finest machine shops in the Tri-State area. Engines from the plant were used at Ironton Furnace, Belfonte Nail Mill, Crystal Ice Company, Ebert Brewery, Buckeye Ordinance Works, and the City Water Works. After World War II, the plant was sold to Wayne Pump Company. Patents for the Ironton Engine Company were sold to a firm in Flemington, N. J. Among the workers at the plant were Walter Bierly; Paul Beirly; Henry Lange; Curtis Bates, Sr.; Henry Classing; E. B. Hetzel; Wilber Feil; E. H. Allfree; Miss Eunice Jones; A. R. Williams; Forrest E. Trees; Eddie Langslinger; W.W. Hall; and W. R. Youmans.