Ironton Malleable

     The Ironton Malleable was a division of the Dayton Malleable Iron Company. Dayton Malleable was founded in 1866. In 1916, Dayton Malleable purchased the malleable iron foundry in Ironton. The foundry was located at 2618 South 3rd Street. The same year the foundry changed owners, it produced 3,000 tons.
     The Ironton Malleable plant was expanded on January 1966. The plant added 7, 500 square feet steel frame building. The expansion was used to increase the facilities of the finishing and stripping departments. The steel for the project was supplied by Meehan Steel Products. Nick Diniaco, General Contractor of Ashland, Kentucky, was awarded the construction contract. 70,000 tons of product was produced in 1966.