Ironton Tanks Mural

Mural in Honor of the Tanks Football Team          The Ironton Tanks, a professional football team, was depicted in the last mural. This mural was completed by Steve Smith on August 1997.

          The Ironton Tanks first took the field in 1919, a year after World War I ended. The original team was made of World War I veterans and young athletes. Of the eleven men in the starting lineup, five were veterans. Almost all of original Tanks had played for Ironton High School football team while in school. They were primarily blue collar workers with one or two with some college education.
          During their first year, the Tanks had two wins, one loss, and one tie. They played the New Boston Tigers, Ashland Playhouse, and Portsmouth N & W. The Ashland Playhouse competed against the new team twice during their first year.
          The Ironton Tanks played football in Ironton from 1919 to 1930. The home field was Beechwood Stadium, which was later renamed Tanks Memorial Stadium in honor of the team. The team was disbanded in 1930 when the Depression caused fewer fans to attend the games.
          During their eleven seasons, the Tanks played some well known teams and local teams alike. A few of the opponents were: Marshall, Charleston West Side, Columbus Olympians, Athens, Ironton Eagles, Cincinnati Harrisons, Akron Silents, Dayton Koors, Columbus All-Stars, Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Cowboys, Toledo Boosters, Akron Awnings, Memphis Tigers, New York Giants and Chicago Bears.