Kelley, Ironton and Mary

The Kelley Family    Ironton A. Kelley was born on April 4, 1849 to William Dollarhide and Sarah Austin Kelley. Ironton was named for his hometown, a new city built by the local iron masters. His father, William Dollarhide Kelley, actually owned the land where Ironton was built. However, his name is not the only link Ironton has with the new city. He was the first male child born in the town he was named after.
     Ironton lead a distinguished career. He was the President of the Kelly Nail and Iron Company. He even built he plant where the business was located. He built the Ashland Steel Company and the Rod Mill.
    On May 11, 1875, Ironton married Mary Frances Kirker, daughter of W.W. and Lucinda Noleman Kirker of Ironton. Mary was born on November 19, 1854 in a brick house at the rear of the McCauley Home on Railroad Street in Ironton, Ohio. Mary was educated in Ironton City Schools and attended a seminary in the east before her marriage to Ironton.
    Ironton and Mary made their home on South 6th Street. The couple had three sons, William Kelley, I. Austin Kelly, and Donald. Donald died in infancy. The family moved from Ironton, Ohio to Ashland, Kentucky.
    At the time of his death, he was the President of the Ashland Steel Company, vice president of the Kelly Nail and Iron Company and vice president of the Merchant’s Bank & Trust Company.
    The last surviving child of his parents, Ironton died at his home on Bath Avenue in Ashland, Kentucky on August 6, 1911 of acute myocardio insufficiency. 
    His wife, Mary, went to New York after Ironton’s death. Her apartment in New York was described as luxurious. Her brother moved in with her while she lived in New York. He remained with her until 1920.
    In the early part of 1924, Mary became ill. She suffered with her affliction for nine months before succumbing on November 9, 1924. She was buried with her husband in Section 7 in Woodland Cemetery.