Lawrence County Infirmary

     The Lawrence County Infirmary was located near Coal Grove, Ohio. The building was constructed around 1880 as a home for indigents. In 1918 or 1919, a small  building was added to the property.
     In 1949, the infirmary was remodeled. The building had a total of fifty-five rooms. The third floor housed the twenty-two patients. Sixteen women and six men called the infirmary home in 1949. Many of the residents were “old-aged pensioners,” who could not afford to live elsewhere.
     Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hanshaw were superintendents in 1949. The couple made their home on the second floor of the building.
     The first floor included twelve rooms. The building’s new ten bed, hospital ward was located on this floor. The floor also housed the laundry room, heating plant and storage.
     People was not the only residents on the property. The infirmary boasted 230 chickens, bee hives and several hogs. A Shepherd named King had called the infirmary home for fifteen years before the construction in 1949.