Lowry, Dr. Sarah

     Sarah “Saide” Lowry was born on March 17, 1873. The actual place of her birth is not clear. According to her obituary, she was born in Fayette County, West Virginia, but according to her death record, she was born in Greantin County, West Virginia. Her parents, Lee and Mary Patterson Lowry, would have a total of four children. Anne’s siblings were Andrew Clark, Joseph W., and Alice.
     When Sarah was only a year old the family moved to a farm in Gallipolis, Ohio. Sarah remained on the family farm until 1895.
     In 1892, Sarah began her medical studies. She began reading medicine that year. In 1893, she entered Ohio Medical University. She spent two years there.
     In 1895, she moved to Ironton. Her brothers, Andrew and Joseph, were doctors and had an office in Ironton. Sarah came to town to continue her medical studies while helping her brothers at their medical practice.
     Sarah entered Laura Memorial Medical College for Women at Cincinnati in September 1895. By April 1896, she had graduated with her medical degree.
     Dr. Sarah opened her practice on 180 Mulberry Street in Ironton, Ohio.
     Because of poor health, Sarah had to stop practicing medicine in 1911. She retired to the family’s farm house in Kitts Hill. She lived there with her father, Lee, her sister, Alice Barger, and her nephew, William Barger.
     At the age of forty-five, Dr. Sarah “Saide” Lowry was dead. According to her death records, she died on November 20, 1918 at her home in Kitts Hill. The cause of death was listed as broicho pneumonia.