Marting, Colonel Henry and Margaret

     Henry Adam Marting was born on December 15, 1850 in Greenup County, Kentucky. His parents were Henry and Isabella Knaepper Marting. The family lived in Greenup County until Henry was three years old. At that time, Henry moved with his parents to Scioto County, Ohio. Like many settlers of the time, Henry’s parents were farmers.
     Henry was to make his first venture in the business world in Scioto County. He opened a general store at Gephart in Scioto County, Ohio.
     Sometime during the 1870’s, Henry moved to Ironton. He first opened a store at 408 South 2nd Street. Then, he moved across the street where he sold general merchandise.
     His knowledge for business served him well. He took controlling interests over the Eagle Mill. At the time the mill was practically abandoned. However, Henry revitalized the mill and helped many of the workers. At one time he had interests in the Republic Iron and Steel Company.
     Colonel Marting bought a blast furnace at Wellston, Ohio. This purchase may have been his first in the furnace industry, but it was not his last. He sold the furnace at Wellston and used the money to buy into Big Etna Furnace with Mr. King and Mr. Gilbert.
     Big Etna Furnace was a useful investment for Marting. He organized the Ironton Iron Company, which he built next to the Big Etna Furnace. Eventually, he consolidated the Big Etna Furnace, Ironton Iron, and Lawrence Furnace into the Marting Iron and Steel Company. Col. Marting was the general manager and president of the new company from its conception until his death.
     Other accomplishments of Colonel Marting include organizing Iron Roofing and Corrugating Company, reorganizing the Foster Stove Company, financing the Ketter Buggy Company, and helping to organize the Ironton Lumber Company. He was one of the strongest backers of the Ironton Firebrick Company. He was president of the Citizen’s National Bank and the Home Telephone Company.
     Colonel Marting was not just active in businesses locally. He established the Columbus Iron and Steel Company in Columbus, Ohio. He built a beet factory at Charleviox, Michigan.
     One of the most important desires in his life was to see a hotel in Ironton. It was the one business he would not see completed. Colonel Marting gave financial support to the Hotel Marting. He died before its completion.
     On a personal note, Colonel Henry Marting married Margaret C. Duis on March 7, 1872. Margaret was the daughter of Henry and Luisa Todrank Duis. The couple had three children, Nellie May Marting (Lowry), John Frank (b January 27, 1873; d: April 10, 1873), and Clara Louise (b: February 7, 1878; d: April 23, 1880). Nellie May was the only child to survive into adulthood.
     In 1915, Colonel Marting suffered a “sever illness.” He was taken to Cincinnati in late summer or early fall of 1919 to be treated by specialist. They saw no improvement in his condition, so he was brought home. He became comatose and never revived. He died on Saturday, September 27, 1919.