Marting, Dr. William and Erma

    William F. Marting was born in Scioto County on October 24, 1875 to William H. and Caroline Frowine (Frowein) Marting. The family lived in Ironton during William’s youth. In 1883, William graduated from Ironton High School.
     In 1897, William graduated from Ohio Medical College in Cincinnati. The college would later be renamed University of Cincinnati Medical College. After graduation, William practiced medicine in Scioto County for one year.
     On April 25, 1898, the United States of America declared war on Spain after the sinking of the USS Maine. The war would be known as the Spanish American War. Like many young men, William F. Marting signed up for the army. He served with the Reserve Ambulance Company 2nd Army Corps.
     When the war ended on December 10, 1898, he returned to civilian life. He became a member of the medical staff at the Charles S. Gray Deaconess Hospital in Ironton. While at the Deaconness Hospital, Marting became associated with Dr. Lester Keller. Marting would eventually study surgery under Dr. Keller.
     On August 27, 1901, Dr. William F. Marting was joined in marriage with Erma Chloe Drayer. Erma was born on September 12, 1877 and was raised as a Dunkard at Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Before her marriage, Erma had been trained as a nurse. She put her learning to work as the superintendent of nurses at the Marting Hospital.
     Dr. Keller organized the Keller Hospital in 1907. Marting was on the hospital’s staff. In 1911, Marting took on a new role as a partner to Keller. In 1914, Marting took over the Keller Hospital.
     Sometime between 1917 and 1922, Marting changed the name of the hospital to the Maritng Hospital.  He continued to work as a physician and surgeon as well as owner of the Marting Hospital until 1964.
     The Marting Hospital was not the only hospital to have William’s attention. William, also, operated the Charles S. Gray Deaconess Hospital. According to his obituary, he held the position from 1939-1947. In 1940, he acquired the Gray Hospital. William was one of the consultant staff of the Lawrence County General Hospital.
     When America went to war again, William rejoined the army. This time the war was World War I and he was a major in the 83rd Division.
     William Marting has two notable firsts. He owned the first automobile, a Conrad Steamer, in Ironton. He bought it in 1902. Marting was the first local doctor to use an airplane to visit a sick patient. His nephew, Francis Marting, piloted the plane which landed in and took off from a cow pasture.
     In 1950, Erma, William’s wife was named Ohio Mother of the Year. She and William had three daughters, Anne Drayer, Miriam Ruth, and Esther Clare . All three of their daughters became doctors.
     On January 7, 1962, Erma Chloe Drayer Marting died.  
     In 1965, William retired and the hospital was changed into an apartment building.
     On November 3, 1966, William F. Marting died at Cabell Huntington Hospital. Before going to the hospital, he lived at the Hillview Nursing and Convalescent Home in Huntington.
     Dr. Marting was well known for his accomplishments. He spent thirteen years on the Ironton City Council. His last year was 1963. He was commissioner of Ironton and Lawrence County Health Departments. Marting was a police judge.
     During his life, William received many awards and recognitions for his work and community service. He was a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons for forty-four years. He was a member and former president of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Surgeons Association. William was an Emeritus Member of the Lawrence County Medical Society, Ohio State Medical Association, American Medical Association, American Academy of General Practice, Southern Medical Society, Clinical Congress of Physical Therapy, and Norfolk and Western Railroad Surgeons Association. Dr. Marting spent 20 years as a surgeon for the Detroit, Toledo and Ironton Railroad. He was a lifetime member of the Elks. William was the commander of the Frank J. Goldcamp Post of the American Legion. In 1950, he received a fifty year service pin from the Ohio State Medical Association. Dr. Marting worked as a plant surgeon and physician for the Chesapeake Ohio Railroad; Norfolk and Western Railroad; Detroit, Toledo and Ironton Railroad; Semet-Solvey; Foster Stove Company and Nitrogen Division of the Allied Chemical Corps. He was a member of the First Methodist Church for sixty-five years. William was the past president of the Ironton Hotel Company and past president and general manager of Ironton News Company. He was the director and vice president of the Ironton Firebrick Company. Lastly, Dr. Marting was the emeritus director and vice president of the First National Bank.