Marting Hotel

Marting Hotel     The first listing for the Marting Hotel was in the 1922-1923 Ironton City Phone Directory. Carl H. McClung was the manager. The hotel was named the Hotel Marting. It boasted a barber shop and billiard parlor. Located at the corner of Park Avenue and 2nd Street, the hotel was listed as “Ohio Valley’s Best.”
     By 1924, the hotel had expanded and its address was listed. Residing at 202 Park Avenue, J. N. Hudson was the manager and one of its residents. The billiard parlar and barber shop was still open and a cigar stand and coffee shop was added.
     From 1926 to the late 1930’s, J. W. and H. P. Daughtery were the managers. In 1930, the coffee shop had closed and by 1935, so had the billiard parlor.
     In 1944, W. R. Young took over as manager. The Hotel Marting had been redecorated and renovated.
     In 1952, the hotel was listed as the New Marting. A manager was not listed/
     In 1954, the hotel changed names again. This time the hotel was named the MacArthur Hotel. It remained under this new name until around 1963.
     In 1963, the name Marting Hotel was first used. Mrs. Joyce Baldwin was the manager. The hotel’s phone directory listing stated the hotel also had the Heather Lounge, a Kilt Lounge, the Sand bar, a coffee shop, complete banquet facilities and air conditioning. Mrs. Baldwin remained in charge of the new and improved hotel until 1965.
     In 1965, Jack Goodwin became the manager. All of the rooms had televisions.
     The hotel changed names again in 1966. The hotel opened under the name Marting House, Inc. John Sakakini was the president and treasurer. Fred J. Salem was the vice president and secretary. Sakakini remained the presidents and manager until 1971. While the hotel was under his management, a Fountain Room and Surf Bar was added.
     The hotel went through many managers over the next years. Dan Wireman was the manager for one year in 1972. By 1973, he was replaced by Jackie Lawless, who was listed as acting manager. From 1974 to 1977, Harry L. Fisherman was given the title of manager.
     In 1978, Dave (Davis) Malone began a seven year span as manager. While Davis was manager, the hotel’s name was changed back to the Marting Hotel. He remained in control until 1985.
     Glenn Thompson was listed with the Marting Hotel in 1986. His actual post was not. Jeannine Underhill was listed as manager. The listing said the hotel featured newly remodeled facilities, efficiencies, room and apartments. A restaurant was added. And Live entertainment could be found in the Downe Tower Lounge.
     In 1987, all the changes from 1986 were still in effect. The restaurant was given a name, the Marting House Restaurant. Don Belt was listed as proprieter.
     By 1988, the hotel had apparently fallen on hard times again. No manager was listed and Ohio Valley Management, Inc. was in charge.
     In 1989, a familiar face returned to manage the motel. Davis Malone was named manager. The hotel not longer listed a restaurant in its telephone listing. Malone would remain at the hotel until 1998. In 1997, he and his wife, Blanche Malone, were listed as co-managers.
     In 1998, George W. Roberts became the owner. He revived the Sand Bar from 1963-1965. However, he held onto the hotel for only two years.
     By 2000, Richard A. Scarberry and Stacie Workman were the only listings for the hotel. In 2001, sixteen people were living in apartments in the former hotel. In 2002, the Ironton Business Association made the hotel its home and now the building boasted nineteen apartments.
     In 2003, the former Marting Hotel was given new life. It was renamed the Park Avenue Apartments and became housing for senior citizens.