Moxley, Dr. Nathaniel and Sophia

     Nathaniel Moxley was born on February 8, 1818 in Vermont. He attended medical lectures at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire.
     In 1841, Nathaniel moved to Wheelersburg, Ohio to be with his brother.
     In 1848, Nathaniel married Sophia McConnell of Wheelersburg, Ohio. The couple had four children including Nathaniel, Jr, Lucy and Alice.
     After two years of marriage, Nathaniel and his family moved to Ironton. They moved into a new house located at 415 Buckhorn Street. While in Ironton, he began his own medical practice. He was on staff at the Charles S. Gray Deaconness Hospital. He also became a member of a drug firm or pharmacy as we say today.
     Dr. Nathaniel Moxley knew his civic duty. He was involved in numerous organizations and held public office. He was a member of the board of education. In 1853, Moxley was elected to replace James Peters on the Ironton City School Board. Nathaniel was elected as both the Lawrence County and the Ironton City commissioner. He was a member of the Odd Fellowship and Masons. Lastly, he was a charter member of the Rotary Club.
     On May 29, 1895, Dr. Nathaniel Moxley died from a paralysis of the heart.