Peters, James and Antoinette Sherpetoska

    A famous ballerina buried in Woodland? Yes, it’s true.
    Antoinette Sherpetoska was born on May 6, 1894 in Lithuania, Russia. Nicknames “Teenie,” she became a well known Russian ballerina. Antoinette danced with Pavia Oranski Ballet of the Opera in Chicago, Illinois and Lorri Shedriska of the Imperial Russian Ballet.
    Antoinette married a native Irontonian, James Peters. James was the son of John Peters, who pioneered the blast furnace industry in the Hanging Rock area. James was also highly intelligent. He became involved with the American Institute of Mining and Metallugical Engineers. James was the superintendent of Inland Steel Company located in East Chicago, Indiana.
    While visiting a nephew in East Chicago, Indiana, Antoinette was killed in a car accident. 
     For most people that would have been the end of the story, not so for Antoinette. After her death and burial in a mausoleum in Section 7 of Woodland Cemetery, her resting place was broken into. Her casket was found on the floor. Two jewels given to her by the Czar of Russia were stolen. She was moved to another mausoleum while hers was repaired. However, some say she still does not rest. There are reports of her dancing around the interior of the mausoleum at night.