Rock Hill Schools

Rock Hill High School in 2007
Rock Hill High School in 2007

    Rock Hill was formed in 1949 when Kitts Hill, Elizabeth, Hamilton, and Upper School Districts were consolidated. After the consolidation, Hanging Rock High School and Kitts Hill High School became two year high schools. Students wanting to complete their diploma furthered their education at Pedro or Ironton High School.
     In 1955, Rock Hill was in desperate need of new buildings. The Kitts Hill High School was condemned by the State Department of Education and students were forced to attend class at Kingsbury School in Ironton. The school board decided to buy land from Joseph Fields and John LeMasters to build two new schools. Donaldson and Associates were chosen as builders. The two resulting schools was Rock Hill Elementary #2 on Route 141 and Rock Hill High School on Route 93.
     The year 1965 saw a lot of changes for the school. Decator Township became a part of Rock Hill. Plus, three more schools were built: an elementary at Pedro, an elementary at Hanging Rock, and a High School at Pine Grove.
      More changes were planned for the future. Ten rooms were added to the Rock Hill High School in 1984. In 1999, the school started a $35 million building project.