Schweickart Lumber Company

   The Schweickart Lumber Company was started in the late 1800’s by Frederick Schweickart. In the early 1900’s, Frederick’s son, William, joined the family business. The father and son team went on to form Schweickart & Son. The two worked together for four years until Frederick retired.
     In 1913, William formed a partnership with his two brothers-in-law, Edward Kurtz and William A. Ault. These three incorporated the company and formed the Schweickart Lumber Company. William Schweickart was named president of the company. Kurtz was the vice president and Ault became the secretary and treasurer.
     The business was located on the corner of 2nd and Chesnut in Ironton. Cherry, oak, pine and poplar were the most common wood planed. At its peak, the company employed forty workers.
     Wood and skilled builders from the company helped build numerous local buildings. Some of the buildings include the trestle at the Etna Furnace, Ketter Buggy Company, Ironton Door Company plant, Dr. Marting’s home on 3rd Street, Mr. Ebert’s house, and the ice house at Ebert’s Brewery.
     William Schweickart’s sons, Paul and George, joined the family business before the graduated from high school. The sons continued to work and manage the company until 1958. In 1958, Paul and George retired and sold the business.