Ward Lumber Company

     The Ward Lumber Company was organized by W. Grant Ward in 1906. F. C. Tonlinson served as its vice president. E. F. Meyers was its secretary and D.C. Davies and Oscar Richey were directors. E. B. Dyer was responsible for building the large mill. In 1911, the big mill burnt to the ground and was rebuilt. Chief William George lost an eye during the blaze. The first engineer’s, John J. Brownstead, two sons, John and Joe, witnessed the fire. They took their bikes from the basement to across the street. The fire burned so hot it melted the tires on their bikes. In 1934, the building was sold for salvage after the business went into receivership. Oscar Simpson, Oscar and John Rowe, Alvin Harper, Edith Lambert, Art Mayenshine, Billy Moats, John Zeek, and Anderson Adams were among the employees of the Ward Lumber Co. The picture is of the remaining building of the Ward Lumber Co. in 1961.