First Church of the Nazarene

          The First Church of the Nazarene was originally located in a white frame building measuring twenty feet by thirty-six feet. George Erskine of Chillicothe, Ohio was the first pastor of the church. He also chose the future home the church at the corner of Fourth Street and Pleasant Street.
          In 1913, Mrs. Anna Howe obtained permission to use the building for a Sunday school. Hers was the first Sunday school in the church’s history.
          On November 4, 1914, the “Little White Chapel” church changed their name. They became known as the First Pentecostal Church of the Nazarene. There were thirteen charter members: Mrs. Bruce, John L. Grubb, William Markel, Eli Morgan, Anderson Adams, Mrs. Anderson Adams, Lason Stamper, Theodore McKnight, Mrs. Anna Howe, Chancy Chatfield, Drury Chatfield, Mrs. Louise Chaney and Mrs. Emma Wickline.
           In September 1915, Reverend Erskine resigned as the church’s pastor. Reverend David E. Miller replaced him. Other pastors include Howard Welch, Earl Delaney, D. E. Branlenburg, Paul Brandeberry, H. C. Little, J. Milton Thomas, and Reverend R. B. Frederick.
            John Grubb was responsible for drawing the plans for the new brick church location on Fourth and Pleasant Streets. In 1937, the new brick church was completed. A few years later and annex was built for Sunday schools.
            In 1953, Reverend Frederick came to the church.