Hagley, Keaton, and Riley Bible Transcript

         This is from the Bible of Euna Elizabeth Hagley Riley. Euna Elizabeth Hagley Riley was born in West Virginia, but lived and married in Chesapeake, Ohio for many, many years.
          She married Ernest Garland Riley from Bradick and some parts of Greasy Ridge, Ohio. In 1951, she and Ernest divorced. They had four children during their marriage, Carlena, Joseph, Hayward, and Janice Rose.
          Janice Rose Riley is still alive and resides in Florida.
          The Bible passed from Euna to her son, Hayward Edward Riley. Upon his death, the Bible went to his daughter Connie Riley Keaton, who gave the library information on the Bible and its owners.
          The following names are in Euna’s Bible:
Rosa Henry Hagley of West Virginia–Euna’s mother
Edward O. Hagley of West Virginia –Euna’s father
Euna’s brothers and sisters: Harry, Eugene, Charles, Norma, Flora, and Dorathy (Dot)
Rosa’s brothers and sisters: Joe, John, Harry, Henry (half-brother), Benny Woodrum,
          Georgie, Alice, and William G.
Edward O. Hagley family was around 9 mile Route Lesage, West Virginia. His brothers
          and sisters are Alex, Lorne, Vent, Cecil, Roy, Charles, Dora, Maggie, and Garnet
Edward’s Grandfather was Joseph Hagley of West Virginia. Joseph had three brother’s
          names George, Jim, and Malcom.
Joseph’s (Hagley) Grandmother is Lillian Bias Hagley. Lillian had a brother, Charles,
          and sister, Eva. Her parents are Jim Bias and Betty Wilkes.
Ernest Garland Riley’s family (Euna’s husband). His brothers and sisters are Carl, Jack,
          Bernard, Clifford, Inez, and Thelma. He also had half sisters and brothers: Pearl,
          Beatrice Dana, Herbert, Marcella, and Price.
Ernest’s parents names are Perry Oliver Riley and Elizabeth Ellis Riley from Bradick,
 Elizabeth Ellis Riley’s sisters and brothers are John, Eligh, Perry, Orvell, Minnie,
          Milinda, and Goldie.
Elizabeth Ellis Riley’s grandfather was William Ellis of Ohio. His brothers and sisters are
          John, Louisiana, Martin, Matilda, Asa, George, and Catherine.
 Elizabeth Ellis Riley’s grandmother’s name is Denna Farris, but nothing else is known
          on her.
William Ellis’s father was Harrison Ellis.
Perry Oliver Riley’s family was from Greasy Ridge, Ohio. His sisters and brothers are
          Josiah, Harriet “Hattie,” Cora B., Lillian “Lily,” Perry, Charles, Rosetta “Rose,”
          and James “Jim” Harry Riley. Perry’s half brothers and sisters are Beatrice, Pearl                               
          O., and Herbert Riley.
Perry’s first wife died young and he remarried a lady named Beatrice. She was from West
          Virginia and was the mother of Perry’s half-siblings.
All of the Riley family lived around Bradick and Greasy Ridge from Circa 1820-1830.
Perry’s parents are Josiah (or Joseph) Riley and Margaret Clark Riley. Josiah’s parents
          were Thomas Riley and Wretta Farris from Virginia in 1800. Josiah died between           
          1845-1850 in Lawrence County, Ohio. Wretta Farris married him on November 24,                    
          1824 in Lawrence County, Ohio. She was born in 1802 in Virginia. She died           
          between 1850 and 1860 in Lawrence County, Ohio.
Wretta was the daughter of Daniel Farris of Virginia. Her mother is unknown.
Thomas Riley’s parents are Jospeh Riley and Lucinda Wade from Virginia. Both were
          born around 1770-1780 in Virginia and died in the 1830’s in Lawrence County,
Lucinda’s parents were Jer Wade and Hayes from Virginia.