Ironton Fire Department

Ironton Fire Station Operated from 1919 to 2003
Ironton Fire Station from 1919 to 2003

     In 1858, eighty-one people volunteered to be firemen in the first two Ironton firehouses. The first firestation was built on Fourth and Buckhorn Street with Frank McCarthy, Frank Ferrie, and Thomas Jeffers as firemen. The second “Hose House” was located at Third and Walnut Street and had six firemen on duty, Charles Holschuh, Herman Baldwin, Joseph McKee, John Liker, Frank Reidel, and Charles Wagner. The third station was located at Third and Clinton Street and was manned by John Mittlehauser, Link Henry, and William Willis. William George was fire chief.
     Over the years, Ironton’s Fire Department went through numerous changes. In 1873, the volunteers received their first hand reels, hook and ladders. Gamewell Company installed the first mode of notification of fires called the Mockingbird Whistle. In 1902, the fire department added its first two full time firemen, Mr. Mittlehauser and Frank Smith. They manned the third fire station. The department was equipped with a ladder truck and two pumpers by 1912.

Fire Station Located at Third and Clinton Streets
Ironton's third fire station located on Third and Clinton.

     In 1919, Chief William George suggested building a new station which was built on the corner on Fourth and Washington. In order to get a new station, the city sold the station located on Third and Walnut Street. This red brick building served the residents of Ironton for eighty-four years before it was torn down in January 2003 to make room for a new, updated fire station.