Yellow Poplar Lumber Company

     The Yellow Poplar Lumber Company was originally owned by Chicago Lumber Company. The Yellow Poplar took over after a fire damaged the property.
     Yellow Poplar Lumber Company restored the business and would employ seven hundred men.
     On April 13, 1883, tragedy strikes again. The Yellow Poplar Lumber Company was mostly destroyed by fire. Only the saw mill and two stacks survived the fire. Thirty homes were, also, destroyed by the fire. However, only two people injured by the fire and no one died. $750,000 worth of damage was done.
     Despite the tragedy, the Yellow Poplar Lumber Company stayed in the area and rebuilt the plant.
     On May 4, 1883, the company sent a sixteen foot long and six feet in diameter curly walnut log to the World’s Fair. The log was worth $800.
     Like many companies of the time, Yellow Poplar ran a dry goods and groceries store located on Mayor Jones property. They paid their employees in script. The employees then used the script to buy their necessities.
     On June 11, 1883, improvements were made to the plant. A $20,000 power plant was added. Electric lights were installed to light the company. These were the first electrical lights installed in Coal Grove.
     In 1913, a flood hit the region. The lumber company suffered $90,000 worth of damages. But again the plant was rebuilt, the Yellow Poplar Lumber Company operated until March 1, 1925. On that date, the plant was sold to Indiana Flooring Company.