Selby Shoe Company

    In 1875, Irving Drew began making extra fine welt shoes for women. His original location was in Portsmouth, Ohio.
     In a few years, George Selby joined Irving Drew. Together these men made women’s shoes under the name of Drew-Selby Company.
     For unlisted reasons, Selby and Drew decided not to remain as business partners. After the split, Selby opened his own shoe company named Selby Shoe Company.
     By 1922, Selby had a factory in Ironton, Ohio. Edgar N. Meck became the manager. Located at 324 North 2nd Street, the factory manufactured ladies shoes.
     In 1925, the factory moved to a new location. The new home was at 1607 South 3rd Street. Meck was still the factory manager. He would remain in this position until 1934.
     In 1934, Hugh A. MacAdam replaced Edgar N. Meck as the manager. MacAdam would remain the factory manager until 1938.
     By 1940, the Selby Shoe Company was gone. The property was listed as vacant. In fact, the company would remain vacant until 1949 when the City Amusement Company purchased the property.     


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