518 South Sixth Street, Ironton

     The H. B. Wilson House was built in the 1870’s. H. B. Wilson was the house’s architect. Located at 518 South 6th Street (Ironton, Ohio), the house is also known as the Tracy Brammer Funeral Home. It is an example of Victorian Italianate Villa architecture. The house has three stories and a tower. Weatherboarding was used on the exterior walls. The boxed tower at the front of the original house had both a circular and semi-circular openings. A porch was located on second story next to the tower. Five bay openings are facing 6th Street and two bays are on the side of the house. In 1976, asbestos siding was added.
     Historical Note: President McKinley gave a speech while standing on the second story porch. The porch originally was located next to the tower but was removed when an awning was added to the front of the house.

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