416 Etna Street, Ironton

     Located at 416 Etna Street (Ironton, Ohio), the Staley-Tyler-Kelley-Stone House was built in 1875. Benjamin Fischer was the house’s builder. The house is an example of American Northern Colonial architecture. The two and a half story house also boasts a half basement. The “L” shaped house is supported by an ashlar stone foundation. Two brick chimney rise from the gabled roof. A solarium is located on the southeast part of the house. 
     The original owner was Sally Ann Stone. Rev. James Kelley, the pastor of the First Baptist Church from 1840-1855, married Sally Ann Stone. The couple chose to live in Stone’s home on Etna Street.
     In 1881, Rev. James Kelley sold the house.
     From 1903 to 1919, the house was owned by Nora Tyler. Nora was the wife of E. Fred Tyler, a former mayor of Ironton.
     In 1932, James and Kathleen Staley purchased the house. James is the owner of Staley’s Pharmacy.



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