115 North Sixth Street, Ironton

     T. I. Murdock built the Dr. W. F. Marting House in 1870. The building is also known as the Dr. Forrest Stewart House, T. I. Murdock House and the Dr. and Mrs. Vernon B. Wood House. Dr. Anne Alstott called the house home as well.
     Located at 115 North 6th Street (Ironton, Ohio), the white brick house stands two stories high. It has an irregular shape with a paving brick foundation. The house has six front bays and three side bays. Under the roof is a copper trim. The house has thirty-seven windows. Some are semi-circular. One window measures 73x73 inches.
     The interior of the house has a few noted features. It has three fireplaces. Six original crystal ceiling lights still hang within the house. A wall to wall archway spans the distance from the foyer to the living room.




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