901 South Sixth Street, Ironton

     Also known as the James Henry Staley House and Dr. Charles Vidt House, the John Mylar House was built in 1929. Located at 901 South 6th Street (Ironton, Ohio), the Mylar house has Tudor influence architecture. Paul Schweickart was the home’s architect and builder. It is one and a half story tall with Spanish plaster walls and a stone foundation. A slate, gabled roof features seven gables. The house has fourteen rooms and four and a half baths. The windows and doors are shaped into a Roman arch.
     Schweickart built the house in 1929 for Dr. Charles Vidt. Vidt lived in the house until 1965 when he sold it to James Staley.
     James Staley, original owner of Staley’s Pharmacy, kept the house until his death on May 31, 1976.




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