Waterloo Wonders: The 1934 State Basketball Champion Team

     The Mural of dedicated to the Waterloo Wonders is not signed or dated. In the Phyllis Hamner Room, a drawing of the Waterloo Wonder floodwall mural can be found the in the Waterloo Wonders binder. The drawing was designed by Joshua McKenzie and dated December 30, 2003.

     The Waterloo Wonders was a high school basketball team from Waterloo, Ohio became famous for its amazing players. Waterloo school had twenty-six males, ten were on the basketball team and five were on the first string. By the end of their years in school, the Wonders won back to back Ohio Class B Championships (1934 and 1935). Although this may not sound amazing by today’s standards, it was for a small town like Waterloo in the middle of the Great Depression.

Waterloo Wionder Mural


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