Dempsey, Samuel, Catherine, and Eliza

            Samuel W. Dempsey was born on August 20, 1811 in Maria Forge, Fayette County, Pennsylvania.  He remained in Maria Forge until he was eighteen years old. At the age of eighteen, he moved with his parents to Greenup, Kentucky. He did return to his home county to marry Catherine Atwell. Unfortunately, his marriage with Catherine was cut short by her death in 1855.
            In 1856, Samuel married a second time. His new wife was Eliza A. Vermillion. Eliza was originally from Maryland, raised in Virginia and moved to Ohio when she was a young woman.
            Samuel was a resident of Lawrence County, Ohio for forty-five years. During a camp meeting held in Kentucky, he was converted. He joined the Spencer Chapel while Reverend L. Hall was the preacher. When Wesley Chapel was formed, he and his wife joined there. He was reported to be friendly with the poorest as well as with the richest.
            On January 15, 1880, Samuel Dempsey died from an attack of apoplexy. His wife, Eliza, died on August 4, 1888. Both are buried in Section 7 of Woodland Cemetery.

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