Means, William and Martha

           William A. Means was the son of Thomas and Sarah Ellis Means. Born in December 1830 in Ironton, Ohio, William was a successful politician and iron master. William had iron businesses in Ironton and Cincinnati. He became the president of the Metropolitan Bank of Cincinnati. In 1881 and 1882, William was elected as the mayor of Cincinnati.
            He was married to Martha Elizabeth Campbell on October 12, 1859 by Reverend Joseph Chester. Born in 1842 at Mt. Vernon Furnace, Martha was the second daughter of Ironton founder, John Campbell. The couple had three daughters: Cora, Gertrude and Hattie.
            After he became the mayor of Cincinnati, he purchased a summer home at Yellow Springs, Ohio. The family spent over 40 summers at the house.
            Martha succumbed to pneumonia on February 19, 1904. She died in Cincinnati, Ohio, but was brought to Ironton for her funeral and burial. Her funeral was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. David Nixon on Park Avenue.
            William eventually retired to his summer home in Yellow Springs, Ohio. This became his permanent home until his death. Although in poor health for nine months, William did not die until July 28, 1921. His daughter, Cora Means, was his care taker at the time. At the time of his death, his daughter, Mrs. Hattie McElroy, was at a sanitarium in Battle Creek, Michigan. His other son-in-law and daughter (Mr. William Alexander and Gertrude Julian) were on their way to the Atlantic enroute to Europe.
            William’s body was sent on the D. T. & I. Railroad to Ironton, Ohio for his funeral. His funeral was held at the home of Mrs. George N. Gray and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Stewart.

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