Neal, Henry Safford and Mary

Tombstone of Henry Safford Neal    Born on August 25, 1829 in Gallipolis, Ohio, Henry Safford Neal was the son of Henry H. and Lydia Safford Neal. Henry learned a great deal of his beliefs and morals from his father. In 1847, he graduated from Marietta College. He studied law under Honorable Simeon Nash, a well known and respected lawyer. In 1851, Neal was appointed to the bar. He was noted for “irreproachable integrity, sound judgment, and legal acquirements” and as a generous lawyer always ready to help the needy.
    In 1861, Henry married Mary J. Campbell. Born on June 19, 1838, Mary was the eldest daughter of John Campbell. The couple had one child, a daughter, Alice.
    During the first year of his marriage, Henry was elected to the Ohio State Senate. He served four years. However in 1869, his poor health caused him to seek an appointment in Europe. He was appointed the Consul (ambassador) to Lisbon, Portugal. Unfortunately, his health only became worse and he was forced to resign his position. 
    Neal did maintain some political power. He was appointed three separate times to investigate Indian fraud. In 1873, he was elected without opposition to the Ohio Constitutional Convention. 
     In 1876, he was elected to Congress. President Arthur appointed him Solicitor-General. He held this position until President Cleveland took office. This was to be the last political office he held.
     He suffered a paralytic stroke and two years later he died. He was laid to rest in Woodland Cemetery.

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