1908 South Sixth Street, Ironton

    Built in 1893 or 1894, the Thomas Smith House is also known as Erlich House and Rose Lawn. Located at 1908 South 6th Street (Ironton, Ohio), the three story house is an example of Queen Anne architecture. It was built by Kemp. The house has a square shape, brick foundation and a hip roof. A thirty-two foot turret has a beveled curved glass. The house has beveled windows and double beveled front doors.
     The interior of the house is impressive as well. The house has two open staircases. Four different types of wainscoting were used during the construction. Some of the rooms have parquet floors.
     In 1900, the house was purchased by Frederick Erlich. Erlich owned Beehive, a local dry goods store. During his ownership, Erlich added the turret.