917 South Sixth Street, Ironton

     The Nannie Kelley Wright House is currently located at 917 South 6th Street (Ironton, Ohio). The house is also known as the Saint Joseph Parish, Mearan House and the Kehoe House. 
      Built around 1900, the house is an example of the Queen Anne Style of architecture. The house has five front bays and three bays on the side. A stone foundation supports the irregular shaped building. The house’s windows are made of cut crystal glass with lug sills. Some of the side windows are semi-circular in shape. All of this is topped by a tile roof.
     In 1922, the Mearan family added brick to the exterior walls.
     In 1966, the house was sold to St. Joseph Church. At that time, the house was to be used as a convent.
     In 1972, the house was purchased by John Kehoe.
     Historical Notes: In 1911, the house was moved from its original location. The originally set where St. Joseph Catholic School now stands. The house was moved using wheels and oxen. Nannie Kelley Wright was the owner at the time and she hosted a party in the house during the move