County Road 4, Pedro - Fetter's Nest

     Fetter’s Nest, also known as the Jesse Vermillion House, was built circa 1850. The house is located on Johns Creek Road, now known as Etna-Waterloo Road or County Road 4. It is .75 miles from the State Route 141 on Johns Creek Road. The intersection occurs south of Waterloo, Ohio.
     The farm house was originally a small framed one room cabin. The cabin had an exterior end chimney, a front porch, and an off center front door.
     Around 1870, the house was expanded. A two story, “L” shaped structure was added to the chimney end of the cabin. The addition included a wrap around porch.
     Around 1900, a corn crib or shed was added to the property.
     Recently, another addition was added to the rear of the original cabin.
     A smoke house was eventually added to the property as well.
     The house has an ashlar sandstone foundation, a tin roof, and clapboard walls.