First National Bank

     The First National Bank was organized in 1849 by John Campbell. At that time, the bank was known as the Iron Bank. The Iron Bank began its operation in May 1851.
     The First National Bank received its charter from the U.S. government in 1863. The bank is one of the nation’s oldest banks still in operation.
     On July 1, 1921, First National merged with Second National.
     In 1957, the bank opened its Jones Street Office located at the corner of 3rd and Jones Street.
     In 1961, First National Bank expanded its operation three times. The bank purchased the Syndicate Block building next to their Park Avenue bank building for further expansion. It purchased the Chesapeake Bank in June and gained customers from the eastern end of Lawrence County. In December, the bank opened a new office in South Point, Ohio.
     On August 1, 1964, First National Bank opened a new building. This time the building was located at the corner of 3rd Street and Park Avenue. A drive-thru was added on 2nd Street and Park Avenue.