Ironton Book Store

     The Ironton Book Store was founded on April 22, 1852. The store was originally located across from the Ironton Register. A member of the John Campbell family was the founder.
     It moved to its new location on 1880.
     At one time, the Ironton Book Store was owned by the Murdocks, a founding family of Ironton.
     Dr. W. F. Marting was an owner of the store. He sold the store to Sam Bowman.
     Sam Bowman kept the store until the 1920’s. In the 1920’s, he sold the store to Miss Daisy Hicks.
     Daisy Hicks had been an employee of the store while Bowman was the owner. In 1925, Daisy married Proctor Cook. Proctor was an employee of the C & O railroad. After a few years of marriage, Proctor resigned his job at the C & O to help his wife with the store. Daisy kept the story until 1962.
     In 1962, Mrs. Cook (Daisy) sold the Ironton Book Store to Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Peters.