Ohio University Southern

Ohio University in 1990
Ohio University Southern in 1990

       Established in 1956, Ohio University Southern Campus has played a large role in the education of Lawrence County residents. Since its first dean, James Mains, to its current dean, Dan Evans, OUSC has changed in many ways. Originally, Ohio University Southern Campus was named the Ironton Center and held classes in the evenings at Ironton High School. By 1966, the Ironton Center had seen 101 students graduate and had a tuition of $225 per quarter. In 1977, Ironton Center expanded its reach by offering classes in Proctorville for the first time.
     In 1976, Bill Dingus became the dean of the Ironton Center. Dingus became a major influence in increasing the Ironton Center’s size and enrollment. In 1978, the Ironton Center became Ohio University Ironton Branch. The first building was built in 1985 and named the Collins Center after Oakley C. Collins, who was a major supporter of the school. More buildings were to follow: Academic Center in 1990 and the Vern Riffe Center in 1995. On June 26, 1998, fifteen employees achieved tenure at OUSC for the first time. Dingus resigned his post as Director in 2000.
     The fourth building was raised in 2000. Named for the former dean, the Dingus Technology Center was not the last addition made to the school. In 2005, the Proctorville Center was built in Proctorville, Ohio.