World War II

     On September 1, 1939, newspaper boys were screaming “Extra” and Hitler had started a war.
     In 1942, Lawrence County started to prepare. A Civilian Defense Corp was set up with Bert V. Cohen as the Chief Air Raid Warden. The Red Cross Disaster Committee was organized. The Boy Scouts started a salvage project for the war. One collection brought 1,440 tons of materials. The American Legion purchased the former First National Bank Building for a Veteran’s Home. The Home Fire Club was organized at the Ironton High School for secure and address Christmas Cards to all the boys serving in the armed forces.
     The war continued to affect Lawrence County in 1943. War rationing was in full force. Air Alarms sirens were installed on the roof of the First National Bank building and on other buildings throughout town. On March 1, 1943, the first test of the “black out” took place and a surprise test occurred on July 1, 1943. The National War Fund raised $24,600 in Lawrence County. Carlyle Tile Company was awarded the “E” Marine flag for a perfect war records.
     In 1944, three new loan campaigns took place. The three loans raised more than what was expected. After the campaigns, $997,000; $1,222,870; and $984,000 was raised.
     A Service Center was opened top help servicemen in 1944.
     Lawrence County celebrated and mourned in 1945. On May 8, 1945, a holiday was declared for VE (Victory in Europe) Day. On May 30, a memorial was held at Ironton High School for the thirty-six alumni lost in the war. Seven mothers received diplomas from Ironton High School for their sons in the Armed Forces. On August 13, Ironton celebrated VJ (Victory over Japan) Day.

Clarence Manley MarLett, Jr.

James William Simpson

Edward H. Browne

Beryl Drummond

Curtis McMahon

Stewart Wiseman

Orlyn Roberts

Wyman Roberts

Owen Knox - The Second Lawrence Countian to die in the U. S. Army Air Corps.

Burke Brumfield

Kenneth McCauley

Edgar Griffith

William C Lambert


If you know of a World War II verteran from Lawrence County, Ohio or with ties to Lawrence County, please let us know, so we can add them to this list.