Coal Grove

     Coal Grove is located west of Ironton. The village went through a few names before it became Coal Grove. John Peters, Sr. suggested one of the first names the village went by, Petersburg. The name was not popular among the villages inhabitants and a new name was voted in. Coal Grove
     The new name came from the abundant coal in the area and a grove of trees near the coaling station. Since the area was well known for these two features, the name Coal Grove was used.
     The fist post office in Coal Grove was established in 1830.
     The village’s first church was Zoar Church. Built in 1843, the church was originally located on the banks of Ice Creek. Later the church was moved to Warren Hill where it is today. A second church was added in 1855. This church developed into Memorial Methodist Church.
     On April 25, 1849, the first passenger ferry, “Winona,” began between Coal Grove and Ashland, Kentucky.
     In April 1857, Coal Grove showed its commitment to the public. The first home for the aged and penniless was built. Simon Parker was the home’s first superintendent. The home was a one story brick building with twenty-four rooms.
     In 1926, Coal Grove received local recognition for something they are still recognized for… The Portsmouth Auto Club declared Coal Grove a speed trap.
     In that same year, the first street lights were installed. All of the village streets were a part of the lighting system.
     On August, 5, 1931, the Ben Williamson Bridge was dedicated. It was built to connect Coal Grove and Ashland, Kentucky.
     Four years later, on June 4, 1935, Coal Grove purchase its first fire truck.