First Evangelical United Brethren Church

          The First Evangelical United Brethren Church is one of the oldest churches in Lawrence County. From 1902 to 1903, Reverend A. A. Chapman met with E. J. Walburn, Isaac Massie, and other Brethren people to discuss building a church. Reverend W. H. Wright was the presiding elder at that time.
          The first church serves were held at the white chapel on the corner of Fourth and Pleasant Street.
          The church then purchased two lots of land at the corner of Fourth and Jones Streets in Ironton. The lots were purchased for $400.00. $3,400 was spent to build the new church. The first service held in this location was on March 16, 1905. The congregation had sixty-two members.
          In November 1939, the church moved to its current location on the corner of Sixth and Vernon Streets. The property was purchased from the Congregational Church for $10,000.
          In 1946, the church changed its name to Evangelical United Brethren Church. Members chose to change the name when the church joined the Church of United Brethren.
          From 1961 to 1963, the church’s building was remodeled. Sunday school rooms were added. Reverend Lowell Bassett was the pastor.
            In 1968, the church changed its name again. This time the church was renamed the Faith United Methodist Church.
            In 1969, the church merged with the Sydenstricker United Methodist Church to form the Christ United Methodist Church.

Ministers and years of service:
Reverend Chapman 1902-1909
G. P. Badgley 1909-1910
C. M. Faulkner 1910-1911
F. E. Presgraves 1911-1913
D. E. Miller 1913-1915
B. C. Peters (4 months) 1915
J. H. Conkel 1915-1917
W. S. Halterman 1917-1918
O. W. Smith 1918-1923
A. O. Wright 1923-1926
R. M. Johnson (3 months) 1926
P. H. Brake 1926-1927
W. W. Hawkins 1927-1928
C. H. Anderson 1928-1929
H. E. Elliott 1929-1932
C. J. Poulton 1932-1934
B. C. Azbell 1934-1937
C. H. Bennington 1937-1938
W. H. Long 1938-1943
W. E. Jones 1943-1947
J. D. Hopper 1947-1948
E. H. Stockman 1948-1953
C. E. Groff 1953-1956
C. B. Burns 1956-1961
L. Bassett 1961-1963
G. R. Lewis 1963-1965
J. McClung 1965-1967
H. Troutner 1967-1968
R. Ward 1968-1969