321 North Fifth Street, Ironton

Hiram Campbell House in 2009     The Hiram Campbell House is located at 321 North 5th Street in Ironton, Ohio. The house is on the corner of Buckhorn and 5th Streets and next to the John Campbell House.
     The house was the home of Hiram Campbell, one of the leading iron masters in Ironton. The house is an example of French Second Empire type of architecture. The building has a mansard roof supported by bracketed cornice with dentils. The house is three stories tall and was built in the 1850’s. Wall dormers protrude from the roof.
     The house has two notable historical facts associated with it. President Rutherford B. Hayes was entertained in the house. Secondly, the bricks used to construct the house were the same type of brick used to build the Sarah Furnace. Sarah Furnace was named for Hiram’s second wife, Sarah Elizabeth Woodrow.

     Recently, the house was remodeled and turned into apartments.