Goldcamp Building

     The property where the Goldcamp Building was built was originally owned by Jacob Heplar and John Davidson. The partners split their property. Jacob Heplar retained the Goldcamp property. On November 25, 1809, Jacob Heplar sold the land to Peter Leonbarger. The actual cost of the property was not listed.
     Peter Leonbarger kept the property for almost forty years. On September 20, 1848, he sold the property to William D. Kelley for $2,770.00.
     William D. Kelley and his wife, Sarah Ann, held the property for only one year. They sold it to the Ohio Iron & Coal Company on June 6, 1849. The property sold for $10,710.80.
     A deed record shows the City of Ironton purchasing the property from the Ohio Iron & Coal Company on April 12, 1854. However, the property may have just been leased to the city because in 1870, the Ohio Iron & Coal Company was listed as owners.
     Lewis Shepard purchased lots 787 and 788 from the Ohio Iron & Coal Company on July 30, 1870. The company required the property to be returned to them if Shepard sold or distributed “intoxicating liquors.”  Lewis and his wife, Julia, sold lot 788 to J. Lewis Shepard and his wife, Katherine, on August 1, 1870 for $500.00. Both couples mortgaged the property to Rufus Magee on December 7, 1871. They had three promissory noted, one for $775.00 and two for $100.00. The mortgage was marked paid in full on August 3, 1872.
     On June 26, 1872, J. Lewis and Katherine M. Shepard sold both lots to Dennis H. Clarke. The lots sold for $1,500 and $2,500.
     Clarke held the property for less than a year. He sold to Wilson Jenkins on April 28, 1873. Wilson Jenkins purchased the property for $4,650.00. Wilson Jenkins was a nail maker. Jenkins decided to transfer the ownership of the property to his wife, Sarah. So, on September 9, 1875, the property was sold to L. T. Dean, a trustee, for $1.00 and the “love and effection for wife.” Sarah purchased the property for $1.00 two days later. Sarah remained the owner until her death on May 1, 1887 at the age of 57.
     From the deed records, Sarah began a process to give the property to her sons Harry E. and Frank W. Jenkins on April 5, 1887. Through her will, the boys officially obtained the property on May 4, 1887.
     Harry E. Jenkins remained owner of the property for nine years. Then, Harry sold his half to his brother Frank W. Jenkins for $1,000.
     Unlike Harry, Frank wanted to keep his inheritance. However, Frank was under some form of financial hardship. He mortgaged the property three times. On March, 8, 1898. he took out his first loan with the Eagle Building and Loan for $600.00. The mortgaged was listed as repaid on March 12, 1900. Two days after repaying the first mortgage, Frank took a second mortgage from the Eagle Building & Loan. This time the loan was for $1000.00. The second loan was paid in full on November 10, 1904. It was paid in full because Frank took out a third and final mortgage on November 8, 1904. This time the lender was Excelsior Building & Loan Company. Again he borrowed $1,000.00. Apparently the cost of the property or his financial problems continued. He sold the property to William H. Hampton for $1.00 and “other considerations” on August 17, 1905. He paid off his final loan on August 31, 1905.
     William Hampton had the property for sixteen years when he sold it on May 2, 1921. The new owners were George J. Goldcamp and Robert S. Goldcamp. The purchase price was $1.00. George and Robert were the owners of Goldcamp Furniture Company. Originally named IX Goldcamp & Sons, Goldcamp Furniture Company was listed in the 1904 city directory.  Their store from 1910 to 1915 was located at 22-24 South 2nd Street in Ironton. They moved again in 1916 to 112-114 South 4th Street. Although the address changed from 112-114 South 4th Street to 110-112 South 4th Street, the store remained at the same located until 1925. In 1926, the store moved to 301-305 South 3rd Street. They stayed at this address until 1938. In 1940, the address changed to 401-405 Center Street.
     On September 3, 1925, the Goldcamp Furniture Company signed a contract with Taylor & Lynn (general contractors from Zanesville, Ohio). According to the contract, Taylor & Lynn would be given $118,020.00 to build the Goldcamp Building. The building was to be three stories of reinforced concrete. One passenger elevator with a push button control was to be installed. The elevator, alone, would cost $3,500.00.Many local companies sold supplies to help complete the building. A list of suppliers and how much they were paid is listed below.

Schweickart Lumber Company $5,020.04
Goldcamp Hardware Company $1,383.95
Meehan Steel $91.25
Central Hardware $6,787.34
East End Hardware $79.06
Carlyle Labold Company $1,035.86
Goldcamp Mill Company $12.10
B. F. Skinner (plumber) $9,650.00