Keller Hospital

Keller Hospital    The Keller Hospital was organized by Dr. Lester Keller in 1907. The building was located at 59 South 5th Street and cost $20,000.00 to build. The new hospital boasted ambulance service, hot water heat, gas, electric lights, local and long distance telephones in each room, electric annuciators, open porches, and all private rooms.
     The patients were charged $12.00 to $25.00 per week for their hospital stay.
     By 1910, the hospital had seen 180 patients and had only eight deaths. Keller Hospital also had a training school for nurses.
     Dr. Lester Keller was the owner and manager from 1907 to 1914.
     By 1914, Dr. William F. Marting became the manager and owner. He had worked at the hospital while Dr. Lester was manager. Then, he became Lester’s partner. He bought the hospital from Dr. Lester before he moved away from Ironton.
     When Ironton reorganized its streets, the hospital’s address was changed to 311 South 5th Street.
     By the time the 1922-1923 Ironton City Directory had been published, the hospital had been renamed Marting Hospital.