Ironton Post Office

    On March 24, 1966, the 1913 Ironton Post Office, which is currently the Ironton City School Board Building, was officially abandoned by the federal government.
     In 1966, plans were made to construct a new post office to replace the one on 5th Street. One of the sites suggested for the new post office was on Park Avenue between 6th and 7th Streets. On October 30, 1966, the 4th and Railroad Street site was announced as the new location of the post office.
     The total property covered 44,000 square feet. A budget of $99,000 was set to pay for the site. The Mart F. Cloran Grocery Store was one of the businesses torn down to make room for the new building. The Melody Bar and Brock Sign Company were also demolished.
     A special section of the lobby was reserved for tenants of the Christenson House.